Vintage Christmas Front Porch

Wow!  It’s the Day Before the Day Before already!  Where has it gone?  Yeah, I know.  Starting a new job that has left me totally overwhelmed and trying to find some Christmas spirit somewhere.  And tonight it was easy.  I woke up to snow on the ground and it steadily drifted down until around 1 this afternoon.  Just what I missed for all those years in Florida!

In fact, this is my first White Christmas since I’ve been home.  Someone was sending me a sign to pull it out and get it together.  ASAP.  So I did.  Better late then never!  Standing outside this morning, I noticed how great my porch looked when it was snowing. I thought I’d post some pictures so y’all could see it too.  Again, there maybe “a few” because I lack the ability to edit!

There ya go!  More snow is forecasted for Christmas Eve so it will be a White Christmas!  Just like the one’s I used to know.  A Merry Christmas to all of you too!  See ya in the New Year!

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