Ideas For Your Vintage Christmas- Day 4

It's a snowy night up here on the North Coast!  Outside, there's a blanket of white snow, twinkling lights and the evergreen trees look like they're dripping with frosting!  A perfect night for Day 4!

We're going to my sister Libby's house tonight. I bet she's at home tonight, snuggled up and cozy!  Until her new puppy Buddy has to go out!  Then it's Snow City, Sister!  Anyway....

Libby's house is particularly festive this year.  She has been adding to her vintage Christmas collection by going hog-wild at auctions.  One auction.  And one super competitive sister who was NOT going to let a bidder walk out with anymore Christmas stuff.  (let's just say she purchased a lot and now has instant collections!)

Here's how she answered her questions:

  • What is your favorite piece?  That would be a white celluloid tree. (we had one growing up, I guess)
  • What is your favorite collection? Her plastic Santa candy holders
  • What is your inspiration? That would be me! (such great taste!!!)
  • How do your decorations make you feel? Like a kid again!
  • What do others say about your house? They love it!
  • What would you call your style? Nostalgic decor
  • What is your favorite childhood memory of Christmas? Playing guess the lights

Now let's take a look at her Nostalgic Decor!



There ya have it!  Looks great, huh?  Meet me here tomorrow for the final night of my Sisters Around the World Tour where we'll walk down a couple of blocks, take a left and look at Heather's house!

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