Ikea Hack: You Can Make A Card Catalog

ikea mope card catalog

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The IKEA Moppe is back!  Yes, this inexpensive, often-hacked item made it’s silent return to the shelves.  (Hell, I didn’t even know it was gone!)  Apparently, a lot of crafty people did and until last week, I’d never seen one before.

I guess I might be the only person in America that hasn’t seen one until now.  Just go to Pinterest to see all the amazing transformations!  From desk organizers to nightstands to a full-blown console?  People really got behind this idea and ran with it.

My sister Staci made a card catalog last week and I thought it was awesome.  For the bargain price of $33, she has a custom piece.  Custom.  As in it fits her room perfectly.  And you can have that perfect piece that matches your personality!  Here’s how she did it:

IKEA MoppeThis is the Moppe.  Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either.  The first step, (worst step).  Sanding.  Hate it.  It’s necessary, but still.


 Next, she stained it with Min-Wax Golden Oak that she already had.

painted mushroom buttons She Bought Birch Mushroom Buttons at Ace to use as the knobs that are typically on card catalogs.  To simulate an “antiqued brass” look, Staci used Folk Art Metallic paint.  She painted the knobs with Antique Gold and then dry brushed it with Sequin Black.

attaching drawer pulls While the stain and buttons dried, she printed out letters you would find on a card catalog drawer.  The bottom drawer is larger so it says “notes”.  Then the knobs were attached with wood glue.

drawer pulls from AmazonThe drawer pulls were ordered from Amazon.  They seriously have whatever kind you prefer.  These were simply attached with the provided little screws.

Finished card catalog

Here’s the finished product.  It’s super cute, right?  Great for desk organization, in a bathroom for make-up,  or for jewelry.  So many possibilities!

Check out all the ways others have used the Moppe.  It would be an awesome gift for the holidays and it only uses part of an afternoon to complete!

I hope my sisters’ creativity got your wheels turning and Y’all can come up with ideas perfect for your home!  If you do, send me a line.  I’d love to see your ideas.





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